Leaving the Armed Forces can be a daunting endeavour for anyone – XMR is here to help smooth the process. From initial contact, we will support you throughout the entire recruitment cycle. More specifically we will:

  1. Offer specific market/industry intelligence. Give no-nonsense advice as to suitability for the role.  No recruitment firm is better placed to do this for people who are exiting the military than XMR.  We specialise in working exclusively with candidates looking to transition into the civilian world.
  2. Provide guidance regarding your personal salary expectations and package.  We have access to the latest market information, and with our networks of candidates and clients, we can validate the current “going rate” for specific roles very easily – most often from positions we have recently filled.
  3. Help tailor your CV and support you through every stage of the application.  You get one chance to make an impression with a potential employer – and in many cases, you may only have a few seconds.  The layout, tone and style of your CV will speak volumes from the moment they turn the page.
  4. Provide honest feedback, no matter how brutal.  We know from experience that people prefer us to be frank, direct and clear with our feedback.  Our promise to candidates is that we wont’t waste their time – and part of this is feeding back swiftly and directly so that they can improve
  5. Formulate an action plan moving forward for entry into new career.

All of our recruitment consultants have first hand experience of the Armed Forces, and we completely understand how challenging it can be to transition into the civilian world and start working in the private sector.

We are equipped to help find you the best suited opportunities, and to help you transition smoothly.