Exceptional ex military professionals

Major General Andrew Kennett

Advice to service leavers… 

Andrew Kennett, Airborne senior officer – second career: entrepreneur consulting in overseas Defence and security markets including capability development and procurement; the development and sale of secure command and control facilities; NED.


  • Network, it is a skill for life and business works this way – get used to it
    • Be brief, honest and appreciative
    • Keep building contacts and always revisit them
    •  Answer every enquiry for, or offer of, help immediately
    •  Always keep a record
    • Always stay in touch
    • Always accept every contact including requests for help from others
    • Personalise every contact
    • Start early (from the day you join the army and never stop)
    • Have a (simple, clear) business card
  • Identify your transferrable, professional skills
    • Hone in on the one(s) you want to use in your next career
    • Make sure they feature prominently in your brief CV
    • Focus on this aspect of your ‘offer’
  • Be a specialist in a field, you will find employment comes more quickly
    • Once employed, then diversify
  • Be true to your core values but be prepared to sell your attributes
    • You must know what your attributes are – work it out!


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