Specialists sourced from the following:

REME RAF Royal Navy

These are the combined Armed Forces’ specialising in Logistics. They provide constant support to the services both in peacetime and on operations. From vehicle parts and tools to ammunition, rations and water, the Corps maintains the Army’s operational capability by providing the required item, in the required quantity, in the required place and at the required time.

With twelve direct entry trades, our soldiers are highly trained professional tradesmen who serve with all parts of the Army as well as elements of the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force. We’re also experts at supporting, protecting and advising civilians who are affected by conflicts, natural disasters or any other situation where we’re needed….it’s our job to deploy, move, receive, cater for, resupply, sustain and recover military and humanitarian operations around the world, whatever the terrain and whatever the threat.

They cover a number of disciplines, the top roles being:

  • Warehouse Managers
  • Transport/Fleet Managers
  • Logistics Operations Managers