Exceptional ex military professionals

Hallo – and welcome to The Military Times, or TMT for short.

We are a small team of ex-Forces types who are determined to produce a new sort of magazine aimed at both serving and retired members of the three Armed Forces, though with an emphasis upon providing a fun and enlightening read for people who are making their way in the civilian world.
It is not really “good form” to make this too personal, but I have to admit that one of the hardest decisions in my life was to leave the Army – and then to resist the temptation to apply to re-join straight away (not that I am saying I would have been taken back in of course!). I missed the sense of belonging to a focussed (at times) regimental family, having a feeling that one had a worthwhile job and that there were people who would do their best to look after you if everything went belly-up. The sense of isolation after leaving was palpable and hard to bear at times.
But those experiences cannot begin to compare with that of someone whose career ends as a result of injuries (whether physical or psychological) sustained in the course of their duty. For that reason, although this is a commercial venture, TMT will always provide a free platform for any charity or institution to publicise and implement what they do to assist veterans of all three Services and of any age.
With all of the above in mind, we want TMT to be a source of news, information and assistance, covering the broadest possible range of topics. We hope it will be fun and helpful, useful and stimulating, as well as a source of support to those who might need help.
We want it to be your magazine. We need your views and comments, articles and photos, suggestions and criticisms. We will develop a forum to allow feedback and debate. We will also be developing the website as time goes by to make it more user-friendly and responsive. The current website is only a temporary one. The new-look site will be launched in a week or so and we look forward to seeing you there.
It is intended to produce a hard-copy magazine, on a quarterly basis initially. Although the final version will depend on reactions to this website, we want it to be a magazine anyone would be pleased to have in their home: a magazine you can safely leave with your Grandmother perhaps!
If The Military Times provides you with a source of support, amusement and inspiration – then we will have done our job. If you can help us to achieve it – that would be the icing on the cake!
Please do keep coming back – and please click the TMT “subscribe button” wherever you see one.
Bye for now,
Editor-in-Chief, Head Honcho – or whatever…………………

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