Exceptional ex military professionals

Contract or Permanent? – Here’s the Breakdown

It’s a decision made by all when leaving the Forces, the Technical experience you possess means Contract work can be appealing, especially when the idea of a civilian team can seem a daunting prospect. But then some can’t wait for a stable 9-5 life of normality!

Weight up the pros of each and decide what would suit you best…



  • Higher earning potential
  • Your cost to a company is less in the long term
  • In tough times companies often outsource what would normally be their permanent positions
  • Companies don’t have pay benefits, holiday, sickness and other related costs
  • Not restricted or constrained in a fixed position
  • More flexibility
  • Less company politics to consider
  • Fixed hours and daily pay rate
  • More opportunity for career breaks and travel
  • Better for candidates without too many personal or financial commitments and those who are comfortable with rapid change and disruption


  • Security and stability
  • Training and learning opportunities and career progression
  • More likely to achieve a higher profile or managerial position
  • More job satisfaction
  • See full life cycles of projects and have a more in depth involvement and understanding
  • Benefits, bonus, holiday pay and pay increases
  • Pension and retirement plans
  • More rights as a permanent employee
  • Contractors are expected to have a lot more experience
  • Better choice if looking to settle down


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