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Air Chief Marshal Sir Stephen Hillier calls for Xbox teens to join RAF

Air Chief Marshal Sir Stephen Hillier wants more young people to join the RAF which is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year with a number of events across the country. Hillier believes teens who play on Xbox at home should take their gaming to the next level and think about a career in the RAF in jobs such as drone pilots.
Hillier said that he sees a big shift towards unmanned drones in the RAF over the next 100 years. Hillier also said children learn skills from computer games that can be applied to serious warfare. RAF sources highlight the game all of Duty in which teenagers operate Predator Drones and have to address challenges akin to a real battlefield before executing their attack.
Hillier joined the RAF after gaining a flying scholarship when he was 18years old and said young gamer’s can go to the next level in the RAF, going on to say “it is not gaming that we do, but a lot of the skills, the ability to fuse data, to have that situation awareness, to understand the environment, those are skills which help build them up.”
Its believed that in the future, the RAF will see a third of its combat aircraft will be unmanned, compared to 5% today.
The RAF wants to recruit young people for UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) typically UK based, but operating over warzones and pilots for the new F-35 stealth fighters.

Sir Stephen believes young people who grew up playing on the X-Box could become the RAF’s next generation of un-manned drone pilots
The RAF are celebrating the centenary of their formation this year with events around the country starting with a concert in the Royal Albert Hall on 31st March.
On April 1 the baton relay commences to mark the date the service was founded in 1918 visiting 100 RAF linked sites in 100 days . There will be a fly past along the Mall and the main will be held on July 10 when there will be a service in Westminster Abbey attended by more than 2000 guests. They will include the Queen and politicians as well as chiefs of air forces and ambassadors of more than 700 countries, and some 500 veterans and 750 serving members of the RAF and their families.
One hundred members of the public and veterans are being invited to bid for tickets to attend Westminster Abbey and a further 500 for a centenary reception. Up to 100 aircraft will take part in a flypast over Buckingham Palace.
An exhibition of nine aircraft representing the history of the RAF will be on Horse Guards Parade square from 6-10July and a tour featuring both models and real warplanes, including Spitfires and Tornados, will visit six major UK locations.
And as part of RAF100, primary and secondary school children will be taught how to break codes and use computing and maths skills to create a flight plan for drones.
Sir Stephen said the legacy of RAF100 will be a ‘launch pad into our next century’. He said the RAF would ‘ignite young people’s passion for air, space, and cyber… demonstrating that we are, as we have always been, a dynamic engine of social mobility’.
RAF chiefs hope by showcasing their military might they will inspire young people, including women and ethnic minorities, to join the RAF.

Source: Military Times