Job titles: Transport Manager, Fleet Manager, Transport Planner, Dispatch Coordinator

A career within Transport/Fleet Management is vital within any operation, and is a role that must ensure all ‘goods in’ and ‘goods out’ of the warehouse run smoothly and efficiently. The role and responsibilities are varied and can be split into two core areas; Fleet and Drivers.

  • Control a large fleet; making sure that all of the vehicles are compliant to government legislation, have full MOT’s and are fully maintained.
  • Control a group of Drivers; making sure that every distribution/delivery route is planned and executed. All Drivers comply with standards and customers are satisfied

Transport Managers sit within the operations team and work closely with the Warehouse Manager and the Drivers to coordinate the distribution of goods from suppliers and deliveries to clients.

Policies and procedures for transportation operations are developed and implemented by transportation managers. These professionals are in charge of personnel activities and schedules, and they oversee shipment coordination and routing. This includes researching the fastest and cheapest methods and securing contracts with customers or transportation providers based on that research. Transportation managers are also responsible for preparing budgets and developing safety procedures, as well as making sure that documents are properly prepared.


  • Making arrangements to ensure that drivers comply with drivers’ hours and tachograph rules, and with speed limits.
  • Making arrangements to ensure that the vehicles are maintained properly, including the inspection of vehicles at the appropriate time and the action taken to remedy defects found.
  • Reporting and recording vehicle defects highlighted by drivers.
  • Establishing the method of compilation and the accuracy of all records, which must be kept for a period of no less than 15 months.
  • Making arrangements to ensure that the vehicle/s are not overloaded.
  • Ensure that customer problems are researched and corrected effectively
  • Ensuring that authorised vehicles will be kept at the authorised operating centre(s) when not in use.
  • Conduct investigations in cooperation with government agencies to determine causes of transportation accidents and to improve safety procedures.
  • Negotiate and authorize contracts with equipment and materials suppliers, and monitor contract fulfillment.
  • Direct activities of staff performing repairs and maintenance to equipment, vehicles, and facilities.
  • Responsible for staying current with various regulations including those related to hazardous shipments, employee safety, and freight classifications.
  • Knowledge of various legislation and driving standards; including VOSA and FORS

Other Duties

  • Managing a team of supervisors, route planners, admin staff and Drivers
  • Coordinate staff training and driving assessments
  • Making sure the operation hits its targets and reporting to your 1Up

Skills required

  • strong organisational skills for planning schedules, journeys and loads
  • excellent budget handling skills
  • the ability to think logically, work flexibly and to make decisions quickly
  • excellent communication skills and the ability to deal with people at all levels
  • good leadership and motivational skills
  • good geographical knowledge of your designated area


Transport/Fleet Managers come from a background within Transport or Driving with strong leadership and management skills. With as many of the following qualifications;

  • Ideally supported by an NVQ or HND or relevant degree in Logistics or Transport
  • CPC, National or International CPC, Transport Manager CPC
  • ‘O’ License
  • Driving Licence; C, C+E or C1

Professional qualifications are also available in logistics and distribution, which is provided by The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) UK.

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