Similar titles: Chief Information Technology Officer (CIO), Information Systems (IS) Security Manager, Information Security Director

The role of the CISO will vary depending on the organisation but in most is responsible for the integrity of all the data held within an organisation. The exact job description will depend on the size and complexity of the organisation, the industry and the structure of the C-suite.

The CISO is generally responsible for:

  • Assessing, mitigating and managing risks associated with the organisation’s information systems
  • Planning and implementing crisis and disaster management activities
  • Ensuring the organisation is compliant with the latest laws and regulation
  • Overseeing and controlling network access and handling breaches
  • Maintaining and enforcing the cyber security policy for the organisation
  • Ensuring they are abreast of the current cyber security threat environment
  • Facilitating information assurance and audit activities

As an additional layer of complexity, the role is rapidly evolving as the information security climate changes and firms become increasingly “digitised”. This sort of environment calls for active engagement on the part of the CISO, working to predict and outmanoeuvre future threats and building strength and resilience into the organisation’s security plans. “Cyber security” is no longer an afterthought but is instead an integral part of operations and one that has the potential to cause real problems if it is handled poorly.

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