Curriculum Vitae!

Well done you know what CV means. I know that ‘e.g.’ means ‘exempli gratia’ but it doesn’t mean that I put it on paper


leave some mystery in your application, until you meet at an interview.

Unprofessional Email Address

Now that you are applying for that ‘dream job’ and your CV is looking; clear and concise, highlighting all the buzzwords, reading easier than a hot knife through butter and is more professional than a NATO meeting, all looks great… BUT NO!

In the corner is your email address, surfdude69@donthireme.com. That ‘dream job’ just went out the window, along with your CV.

If you still have an old email address that isn’t name.surname@mail.com, then set up a new one. It’s is so simple and free, then forward the old address to it.

Excessive Descriptions

When describing yourself at the beginning of your CV within ‘Personnel Summary’ please don’t waffle on for two or three paragraphs. STOP putting in as many adjectives as possible describing yourself as if a thesaurus has leaked all over the page. Leave your career to do the talking by giving examples of these annoying words. Anyone can write a word on paper, showing an example is much more effective.

Meaningless Phrases

The most common sentence on a CV, that if I had a penny for every time I saw it I would be a millionaire: “I am able to work as part of a team or individually” – WELL DONE. This sentence not only is in the first person but a statement that means nothing. Anyone with a hard work ethic and driven is able to do this. If you show an example of this then a client or HR can work this out.

Multiple Fonts

This looks terrible. A CV will not look clear and concise and certainly not professional if you decide to use every font possible. We recommend you use arial size 11 and simply bold your headings.

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