The Armed Forces train and command some of the most highly skilled and dedicated personnel in the world. Built on the premise of life or death decision making, devoted camaraderie and arduous testing, the end result is a truly coveted skill set that the most influential companies have recognised and are pursuing to hire. 20,000 personnel leave the forces each year; there is no doubt they are in high demand, the issue for businesses is reaching this sometimes impenetrable community.

We operate two main business streams:

Firstly, sourcing the highest calibre, ex military, technical contractors in the UK and abroad for multi faceted projects. The disciplines we are involved with include Electrical and Mechanical Engineering and Construction, Logistics and Supply Chain, Telecoms and Cyber Security.

Secondly, leveraging our status as the Official Chosen Partner for soldiers undergoing resettlement, we implement bespoke media strategies for clients. This enables them to target Military Professionals during their unique transition and educate them in regards to a desirable new civilian career. Using our multi-channel approach, running across Print, Digital Display including Social, Video, Radio, Email and Events, we create a pipeline of extraordinary talent coming straight to you.


CEO and Founder, Peter Wilson comments –

Resettlement can be a harrowing experience for anyone leaving the Military. Both myself and my team have first hand experience of the doubt and uncertainty of pursuing a new career in the civilian world.

We need to build awareness to ensure all service leavers are conscious of the many opportunities that exist.  Hundreds of organisations have signed the Military Covenant and are desperate to attract and hire ex military and take advantage of their incredible specialist knowledge, skill sets and unique work ethic.  We bridge the gap.

We offer our soldiers a strong platform; providing support and advice whilst connecting them with suitable employers. Our unique ability to empathise and understand their technical roles and background is what makes us their first port of call.

All XMR employees have served in the technical speciality in which they now recruit.  XMR follows the ‘inch wide, mile deep’ philosophy within a market that enables us to be Military specialists in our chosen fields.”


Peter Wilson set up XMR in 2013 and started to trade Jan 2014. It became wildly evident there was no support structure to handle the volume of service leavers within the technical space and is doing everything in his power to ensure our excellent, celebrated men and women find the right job first time.