The Armed Forces train and command some of the most highly skilled and dedicated personnel in the world. Built on the premise of life or death decision making, devoted camaraderie and arduous testing, the end result is a truly coveted skill set that the most influential companies have recognised and are pursuing to hire. 20,000 personnel leave the forces each year; there is no doubt they are in high demand, the issue for businesses is reaching this impenetrable community. That’s where we come in…


We’re now a GROUP!!

The merger has been a long time in the making with all companies sharing a combined philosophy to tackle the Military Resettlement dilemma once and for all. Joining these 4 companies’ services and expertise means we can confidently offer a complete 360 degree circle of support for both candidates and clients. All companies are very different in their method of delivery but the end state remains the same: helping service leavers gain appropriate employment in Civvy Street.

Together, as a group, we are now the single point of contact and can fulfil every need… if you don’t believe us, try us out!


Ex Military Recruitment (XMR)

Since 2013, XMR has been hard at work helping bridge the gap between those leaving the Armed Forces and civilian companies wishing to hire. Over the past 5 years, we’ve been very successful, testament to the incredible people we represent. XMR specialise in placing members from the Technical Corps; Engineering, Logistics and Cyber. Using a unique 28 stage process patented by XMR’s CEO, we find the perfect match for both candidates and clients with a retention rate of 94%. Not bad considering we’ve placed over a 1,000 people into work.



Military Resettlement Headquarters (MRHQ)

Relatively new to the market place, MRHQ has quickly attracted the attention of the entire Military and Ex Military arena with its unique proposition and personalised online platform. MRHQ is a 100% Digital portal, already with over 250,000 members – the largest Ex Forces network in the world, that allows veterans to create their own personalised professional profile. This is searchable within MRHQ’s database. Employers specifically seeking Ex Forces can use the database and communicate directly with candidates about job prospects with no middle men.



SoldierCom is the ONLY ex-military media specialist. Across multimedia channels, we create a targeted pipeline of service leavers and/or veterans coming straight to you. Depending on the level of engagement you’re after, SoldierCom can bring you hundreds of ex-military soldiers and officers every month.


The Military Times

With a serious lack of Military produced news out there, especially comparison to our US counterparts, we have made it our goal to broadcast the best ex Forces stories and content.

Relevant original content produced every couple of hours – The Military Times will allow you to stay on top with what’s happening in the world as it happens… and sometimes before anybody else even knows!


The Result

XMR, MRHQ, SoldierCom and The Military Times can now build an all encompassing platform of bespoke consultancy services, job board functionality, searchable database of personnel AND a media team of Digital specialists.

We hope that with such an expansive and diverse offering, the Ex Military marketplace will no longer be one of confusion for personnel!



CEO and Founder, Peter Wilson comments –

Resettlement can be a harrowing experience for anyone leaving the Military. Both myself and my team have first hand experience of the doubt and uncertainty of pursuing a new career in the civilian world.


We need to build awareness to ensure all service leavers are conscious of the many opportunities that exist. Thousands of organisations have signed the Military Covenant and are desperate to attract and hire ex-military and take advantage of their incredible specialist knowledge, skill sets and unique work ethic.  We bridge the gap.


We can offer soldiers not only one on one advice, but an award winning online platform where they can take control of their own future; MRHQ provides support and advice whilst connecting them with suitable employers. Our unique ability to empathise and understand their technical roles and background is what makes us their first port of call.