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    As you know, the Armed Forces train and command some of the most highly skilled and dedicated personnel in the world. Built on the premise of life or death decision making, devoted camaraderie and arduous testing, the end result is a truly coveted skill-set that the most influential companies have recognised and are pursuing to hire.

    XMR have carved out a name for themselves as the ‘go to’ for all ex-military Contract work abroad. As at Aug 2018, we have successfully completed 14 large scale projects with companies and Governments working all over the Middle East and Africa placing Engineering, Logistics and Cyber staff.

    Back here in the UK, we have also built up an incredibly strong name for being able to find those heavily sought after drivers… an industry in dire straights – we have the solution.

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  • “Over the years our team has built a solid framework to provide clients with multiple solutions in their quest to hire ex military technical experts.”

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We work with a number of organisations to give back to those both still serving and retired.

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